Are you living a paradox?

On the one hand, you clearly demonstrate extraordinary talent. You are inventive, intelligent and intuitive. You have effortlessly achieved expertise in surprisingly diverse areas. You leverage laser-like focus and seemingly boundless energy to reach exceptionally high levels of productivity. You are successful.

On the other hand, basic functions like focus and time management tend to baffle and frustrate you. You experience challenges prioritizing competing concerns because everything seems equally important, and you seek the raw intensity of certain activities. You feel disorganized. You procrastinate. Despite great effort, you may underperform. You seek more consistent success.

ADHD Coaching resolves
paradoxical living

I coach adults who want their professional and personal lives to be consistently successful, productive and rewarding. My coaching method gives you the clarity and tools to take control of your day and achieve your goals.

It is a liberating, strategic process that enables you to use your own unique style as you learn new habits and strategies for living your life. It enables you to have a level of success commensurate with your high abilities and professional expertise.

My expertise is helping other people thrive in their own areas of expertise. Whether you are diagnosed with ADHD, or you simply experience challenges with attention that tend to get in your way, our coaching partnership will enable you to:

  • Get organized
  • Prioritize
  • Meet deadlines
  • Stay on track
  • Complete projects
  • Think clearly
  • Build leadership skills
  • Leverage your strengths
  • Reach your professional and personal goals

I invite you to take a look around my web site and contact me to learn more about how ADHD coaching can make a real difference in the quality of your life.

Kay Grossman, M.A.
Kay Grossman, M.A.
You may be interested in my other Web Site, www.FOCUSdammit.com. It targets successful, busy professionals who are looking for some Attention... Traction!
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