Kay Grossman :: ADHD & Effectiveness Coach
Kay Grossman :: ADHD & Effectiveness Coach
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About Testimonials

Providing testimonials for one’s product or service is a well used, and sometimes abused, age-old practice. Valid testimonials can help consumers evaluate products or services being offered by providing feedback from individuals who have actually used the product or service. Invalid testimonials can distort and misrepresent the real value of products or services being offered.

Hallmarks of invalid testimonials are missing or fabricated associations with “real” individuals who actually provided testimonials, often indicated by omission, abbreviation, or otherwise obscuring the individual’s name.

You will note that the testimonials on my Web site do not include my clients’ names. My decision to omit them goes against all current marketing principles. However, I am very aware of privacy issues in the Internet age. Everything published on the World Wide Web is permanent. Coaching is a fully confidential partnership, and frankly, no one else’s business. I do not include my clients’ names to help them maintain control of their personally identifiable information placed on the Internet.

However, my clients who have provided testimonials have graciously offered to serve as professional references for me as requested on an individual basis. Please contact me at kay@kaygrossman.com should you wish to obtain additional information on the actual clients behind the testimonials listed on this Web site.

Protection of your personally identifiable information has become a major issue that is being addressed by local and federal officials. More information regarding this issue may be obtained from these resources:

You may be interested in my other Web Site, www.FOCUSdammit.com. It targets successful, busy professionals who are looking for some
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